How we are financed

Investigative reporting is costly. Many of Danwatch’s investigations would not have been possible without financial contributions from private persons or funds. Even the smallest amounts make a big difference.

Danwatch conducts a number of journalistic research for a broad range of national and international organizations, media and education institutions. Danwatch has received public funding from the Foreign Ministry, including CSR pools and Danida.

It is always clear, if external actors have contributed financially or funded a specific investigation.

Fonde m.m.

We receive donations from private funds. Among these are:

Oda Hans Svenningensens Fond

Fonden af 17-12-1981

1. Maj Fonden

Amnestys Udvalg for økonomisk støtte

Grundejernes Investeringsfond


Annually, monthly or a one-time contribution are very valuable to us. If you support us, you will be inveted to our Behind the Investigation events, receive a poster from our talented photographers from a field trip and – most importantly – make sure that independent, investigative journalism keeps existing.

Now that you have come far ...

… we have a small favor to ask from you. Our journalism have more readers than ever, but very few pay for it. It’s okay, because we don’t want to hide our journalism behind a paywall. We make journalism in the public interest, and this is why it is important to us that it is available to the public.

And this is where we need you!

Independent investigative journalism costs time, money and hard work to produce. But we do it, because we believe that our journalistic investigations matter – which might also be the reason you are here now.

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