How we work

Code of Ethics

Danwatch’s investigations are always independent from political and economic interests. Danwatch ascribes to the national and international rules and principles of good press ethics including the Danish Media Liability Act (Medieansvarsloven) and the International Federation of Journalists’ Declaration of Principles of Conduct of Journalists.

Source criticism and -protection

Danwatch reveals the identity of our sources to the extent possible without compromising their safety. Sources are anonymised, if they risk retaliation as a consequence of their expressions or cooperation with Danwatch in general. Danwatch investigates and assesses the motifs of sources and examines the accuracy of all information given and exercise caution to avoid factual errors.

Consultation of all relevant parties

Before publishing an investigation, Danwatch always presents​ any criticism to the involved parties. Any comments from the criticised parties will be published in relation to the investigation or on our website in relation to the critique. If a criticised party does not wish to comment, it will likewise be stated in the publication.

Furthermore, we strive to give all sources in the investigation one week to read the complete investigation before publication. However, there may be cases where external media partners oppose this, or where an existing media agenda forces us to publish earlier than expected.

If a company or another actor mentioned in an investigation disagrees with factual data constituting the underlying basis for the conclusion of the investigation, the company has the possibility to state its own explanation in an unedited comment, that will be published on Danwatch’s website.

Complaint instructions

If a company or any other actor mentioned in an investigation believe​s​ that Danwatch has breached good press ethics in relation to an investigation, a complaint can be filed to the Press Complaints Commission. See


Danwatch avoids involvement in activities that can damage our integrity and credibility as an independent media- and research centre.

At Danwatch, we always critically and independently consider, if all information of relevance to the public, is included in our investigations and other journalistic publications.

In relation to bounded projects, cooperation with other parties and editorial priorities will be stated clearly, and Danwatch ensures to have absolute editorial independence in any contractual cooperation that we engage in.

Now that you have come far ...

… we have a small favor to ask from you. Our journalism have more readers than ever, but very few pay for it. It’s okay, because we don’t want to hide our journalism behind a paywall. We make journalism in the public interest, and this is why it is important to us that it is available to the public.

And this is where we need you!

Independent investigative journalism costs time, money and hard work to produce. But we do it, because we believe that our journalistic investigations matter – which might also be the reason you are here now.

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