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Danwatch and Danish media outlets like Kristeligt Dagblad, Zetland and international media like the Financial Times, Bureau of Investigative Journalism and Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung are amongst those who have previously benefitted from grants from the Google Digital News Initiative Innovation Fund. The Fund supports innovative ideas within digital journalism.

“What we find is that the stories and footage produced in many of the places in which both Danwatch and IMS work seldom make it onto the global news agenda. This is a problem because this is, in effect, documentation of what is happening in some of the world’s most inaccessible conflicts and that is indeed relevant to a global audience,” says Jesper Nymark, Director of Danwatch.

”Documentation of the chemical weapons attack that took place in Syria in April 2017 is an example of this,” adds Jesper Højberg, Director of International Media Support.

“Our partners in Syria had documented the attack and its aftermath, but the footage was only aired in international media several days after the attack. The new digital platform will remedy this and ensure quicker distribution.”

According to IMS, a non-profit organisation that supports local media in countries affected by armed conflict, human insecurity and political transition, the new digital platform will crucially allow locally produced investigative stories to reach global audiences while supporting the provision of verified content to big international news agancies like AP, The Guardian, BBC, AFP, Reuters and DPA.

”Local is the new global”, says Jesper Højberg. “As the example of the Syria chemical weapon attack showed, the lengthy verification process tied to the footage meant that broadcast of this documentation was delayed by several days. In addition, most media do not have the resources to send staff to the world’s most dangerous conflict zones, or they choose not to do so for safety reasons or simply because it isn’t a priority. However, over the years, IMS has built a strong network of local journalists with whom we have worked and who are able to deliver strong documentation from conflict zones,” says Jesper Højberg.

The long-term aim of the digital platform is for local media to increasingly ”own” the platform and use it as a way to develop a sustainable financial business model that will enable them to survive on the delivery of good local journalism.

The Google DNI-Project is one of several joint Danwatch and IMS projects. The development of the digital platform begins in fall 2017.

For more information, contact Danwatch Director Jesper Nymark, on jn@danwatch.dk or Helle Wahlberg, IMS Head of Communications, email: hwa@mediasupport.org.

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“No woman has known grief like me” https://danwatch.dk/en/no-woman-has-known-grief-like-me/ https://danwatch.dk/en/no-woman-has-known-grief-like-me/#respond Wed, 14 Sep 2016 11:49:26 +0000 https://danwatch.dk/no-woman-has-known-grief-like-me/

“Expressive photographers sometimes like to claim that photographs are “visual thinking that does not require any words.” Indeed the old guard still write very little about their photographs. It seems to me they are saying 1/125 of a second is enough to convey meaningful depth to any given scenario.  I never understood that. That is probably why i am not a photographer …

In a shoot last month with Danwatch where I was photographing people who work in a very hazardous industry, this woman came out of her small shack and stared at me. I thought at first perhaps reproachfully. She had probably seen that the DanWatch team were interviewing workers.

I tried to defuse the situation by saying “May I take a photograph?”

She agreed. And asked “Don’t you want to hear my story too?” The widow proceeded to tell me a desperate story of life after the death of her husband two years ago, and how difficult it has been to care for her kids without any support. She told me “No woman has known grief like me.”

I will never meet her again. I will never know how her story unfolds. But I took a snapshot of her in 1/50 of a second.”

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Google grants Danwatch 50.000 euro for ‘Open Supply Chain project’ https://danwatch.dk/en/google-grants-danwatch-50-000-euro-for-open-supply-chain-project/ https://danwatch.dk/en/google-grants-danwatch-50-000-euro-for-open-supply-chain-project/#respond Wed, 24 Feb 2016 11:48:27 +0000 https://danwatch.dk/google-grants-danwatch-50-000-euro-for-open-supply-chain-project/ When journalists and consumers are trying to figure out where and how a product is made and where it has travelled from production country to the store, the journey is often packed with obstacles. In a global market, products change hands a number of times before reaching the shelves in the stores.

Since 2007, Danwatch has been gathering large amounts of data on the impacts of companies producing everything from food, textile and IT to extraction of rare minerals used in makeup. Data, which should be accessible to consumers and other journalists who can contribute with additional knowledge. This was the idea in Danwatch’s application for Google Digital News Initiative in January this year, which is now possible to realize with this grant.

Transparency and access to data are key elements for both Google Digital News Initiative and Danwatch as an independent media and research center, says CEO of Danwatch, Jesper Nymark:

”We are proud to be part of Google’s Digital News Initiative which aims to support high quality digital journalism as well as innovative journalism. It is apparent that a cooperation with Digital News Initiative opens new possibilities for Danwatch’s journalism”.

Efficient transparency

The supply chain for companies’ products can have significant impacts on human rights, workers rights and the environment – in both positive and negative ways.

Today, products can be made in China, traded through Switzerland, shipped to USA and sold in California and it is highly difficult for consumers to know whether a product is sustainable.

Danwatch has specialized in mapping and documenting trade flows and value chains but even for experienced journalists, these processes are complex and time consuming.

“As the complexity of trade flows for products is rising we experience an increasing need for more transparency, which will hopefully motivate demands for sustainable production. This is what Open Supply Chain is supposed to foster”, says Jesper Nymark.

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Danwatch has moved https://danwatch.dk/en/danwatch-has-moved/ https://danwatch.dk/en/danwatch-has-moved/#respond Thu, 12 Nov 2015 15:15:33 +0000 https://danwatch.dk/danwatch-has-moved/ We are now 14 people at Danwatch and thus we have moved to larger facilities in the center of Copenhagen.

As of now Danwatch can be found at Gammeltorv 8, 3., 1457 København K.

We can be reached on the same phone number as always: 0045 3210 5214

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