A Danwatch investigation

War crimes under the radar

17. May 2020

Charlotte Aagaard


Emilie Ekeberg


Charlotte Aagaard


Emilie Ekeberg


Graphics: Payam Elhami & Johan Seidenfaden
In collaboration with TV2, Lighthouse Reports and NOIR

Denmark’s largest defense company Terma has supplied equipment for warships and bombers used by the United Arab Emirates to starve and target civilians in Yemen.

According to experts and human rights organizations, Terma may be co-responsible for possible war crimes.

This is what Danwatch, TV2 and the Dutch media Lighthouse Reports can reveal based on an examination of satellite imagery, documents and reports, and photos and videos shared on social media.

A detailed examination shows that Terma has provided radar systems for Emirati corvettes participating in the naval blockade against Yemen. UN experts believe the blockade could be a war crime because it contributes to the starvation of millions of civilians in Yemen.

The Danish company has also supplied anti-missile systems for Emirati bombers, which have been used in Yemen. Exports took place after the United Nations had warned of deliberate bombings on civilians in Yemen.

Although Denmark has banned all military equipment exports to the Emirates, Terma has supplied radar parts to the Emirate warships until at least October 2019 – almost a year after the ban occurred. Experts suggest that the radar equipment is military, but Danish authorities now say that the radars are neither military equipment nor so-called dual use.

According to experts, Denmark’s exports to the Emirates do not live up to EU rules on arms exports and the UN Arms Trade Treaty.

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