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As a research centre, Danwatch carries out journalistic research and assignments for other media and organisations.

We carry out these tasks with the same independence and methodology as our own journalistic investigations.

We carry out journalistic research and assignments for media and organisations, such as the articles on coffee production  in Ethiopia and Brazil for the Consumer Council TÆNK or articles for the ICRT on shrimp being picked by children and forced labourers.

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Examples of Danwatch clients

  • Consumer Council TÆNK
  • ICRT
  • Berlingske Tidende
  • Mellemfolkeligt Samvirke
  • Verdens Skove
  • Less Magazine
  • Studies

Danwatch’s trademark is our solid documentation of complex issues, based on a wide range of research methods.

Traditionally, Danwatch has disseminated journalism in a single report, but today we also offer that all documentation is disseminated journalistically, to reach a wider audience than the report format allows.


Good research should be done in two steps.

A stage where the problem, the actors and the perspective are mapped – and the next stage that ensures all evidence that the angle holds and the actors are confronted.

We can’t promise a result – we can ensure documentation that lasts.


We often analyse the ethical behaviour of a large number of actors, such as a group of companies, municipalities or other types of organisations.

Among other things, we have provided an analysis of municipalities’ purchases of tropical wood for the newspaper Kommunen.


We have the tools to collect and review data from the financial sector, for example.

Among other things, we have screened Danish banks’ investments in blacklisted companies for Finans magazine.

Journalistic products

Danwatch also offers other media ready-made journalistic products, where we draw on our special know-how and strong journalistic skills.

All field trips yield special knowledge and countless stories, which we are happy to share in the form of reports, analyses, features and background articles.

Photo, photojournalism and video

Danwatch can also provide photographic material.

Our researchers and journalists collaborate with professional photographers to produce video material and photos for fieldwork abroad.

Material can be obtained by contacting the editorial office.

Call 8155 0076 for more information.

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